Monday, July 7, 2008

An example of treating a customer poorly...

After the long holiday weekend, I had an unusually large amount of emails to read. I clicked on one from a person that works for the bank that holds all of my personal and business accounts. Here's the message:

Vito Salatino, Jr.

I knew that I hadn't sent Vito any emails but just to be sure, I checked my 'sent' folder. Nothing to Vito. We met some time ago at a networking event at a time that my business account rep was leaving for a different position in the company, which was upsetting to me because I was less than thrilled with his replacement. Vito told me that if I needed any help with my account, I could call him. Up until this morning, I would have told you that Vito was a nice guy.

After verifying that I hadn't sent him any emails, I called him. I introduced myself and asked about his email. He angrily told me that he received a few emails asking that he update his information through my CardScan account but that he wouldn't, because he didn't know who I was. (CardScan sends these out periodically - I have nothing to do with it.) I reminded him that we had met, that I was a current customer and that he should have looked up my information in his account system, before sending off this type of correspondence. He agreed, but the damage was done.

Banking is a competitive industry and I know for a fact that this bank is trying to 'chase' every customer they can. How difficult would it have been to update his information, when asked to do so by a loyal customer? I do this plenty for others who also use a business cards scanner and it takes no more than 10 seconds to stay in touch with customers, vendors or just great connections. Apparently, Vito has a different take on it.

That's how my week started, how about you?

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