Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Resigning from your job

The topic of today's radio show is creating an exit strategy. For Leo, John and Carl, this will mean creating an exit strategy from your own business, whether you are selling it or closing it. For my portion, I'll be talking about an exit strategy for employees. Sometimes, leaving gracefully can be difficult and depending on the circumstances surrounding your departure, it can be sooooo tempting to give everyone a piece of your mind. It's like a break-up...lots of emotions are floating around. I would encourage everyone, even in the craziest of situations to take the high road and not burn those bridges. I'll talk a little bit about strategies that will leave your managers talking how professional you were, long after you're gone.
And for those of you who still want to raise a little drama, just remember, living well is the best revenge. (Why didn't anyone tell me that in my 20's???)

Check back here in a few days; I'll recap the strategies discussed on the radio show.

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